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2025-2026 Fall Tryouts

The Florida Quest AAA Hockey Program is a premier youth hockey organization dedicated to developing elite-level hockey players. As part of the highly competitive AAA tier, the program focuses on providing top-notch training, coaching, and competition to help young athletes reach their full potential on and off the ice.

Welcome to the Florida Quest AAA Hockey Program!

At the Florida Quest AAA Hockey Program, we are committed to fostering a positive and competitive environment where young athletes can excel both on and off the ice. To achieve this, we seek players and parents who embody specific qualities and values.

What We Look for in Players

1. Skill and Development:

Skating Proficiency: Speed, agility, and balance are crucial for success at the AAA level.

Technical Abilities: Strong puck handling, accurate shooting, and precise passing are essential.

Hockey IQ: Players should demonstrate smart decision-making, effective positioning, and strong anticipation skills.

2. Work Ethic and Dedication:

Consistent Effort: Players should show consistent hustle and effort in practices and games.

Commitment to Improvement: A willingness to practice, take feedback, and continuously strive for betterment.

Endurance and Strength: Physical conditioning to maintain high performance levels throughout the season.

3. Team-Oriented Attitude:

Leadership and Sportsmanship: Displaying leadership qualities, respecting teammates, coaches, and opponents.

Coachability: Openness to instruction and the ability to apply coaching tips effectively.

Resilience: The mental toughness to overcome challenges and bounce back from setbacks.

4. Character and Conduct:

Respect and Integrity: Upholding the highest standards of conduct on and off the ice.

Positive Attitude: Bringing a positive, can-do mindset to every practice and game.

Team Spirit: Valuing teamwork and the success of the team over individual accolades.

What We Look for in Parents

1. Supportive and Positive:

Encouragement: Providing positive reinforcement and encouragement to your child and their teammates.

Constructive Involvement: Supporting the coaching staff’s decisions and respecting the team’s policies and goals.

2. Commitment and Dedication:

Active Participation: Ensuring your child attends all practices, games, and team events punctually.

Volunteering: Willingness to assist with team activities and events, fostering a strong community spirit.

3. Respect and Communication:

Respectful Conduct: Maintaining a respectful demeanor towards all players, coaches, referees, and other parents.

Open Communication: Engaging in open, respectful communication with the coaching staff regarding your child’s development and any concerns.

4. Encouraging Balance:

Holistic Development: Encouraging a balance between hockey, academics, and personal life to ensure well-rounded development.

Promoting Fun and Passion: Helping your child maintain a love for the game and ensuring hockey remains enjoyable and fulfilling.

Join the Florida Quest AAA Hockey Family

We believe that a successful AAA hockey program is built not just on talent, but on the right attitude, dedication, and a strong sense of community. We are excited to welcome players who are eager to learn, compete, and grow, and parents who are committed to supporting their child’s journey in a positive and constructive manner.