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serves to be a pinnacle development team in the sports industry Led by previous NHL and former professionals, our Global Development Team consists of players from around the world, including various parts of the USA. The team in compromised of devoted athletes willing to dedicate their time to evolving as a player. Their commitment is mandatory by all coaches on the rink and off the ice. Over the past few years, our Global Development Team’s have gone on to compete in league play, tournaments and matches from around Canada, to the USA to Europe. These young men are supported by an in-depth coaching staff and supportive team. Allowing all athletes to tap into the resources and experience to take their development to another level. Our supportive staff ranges from sports physiologist, team tutors, nutritionists , athletic trainers and more.

Our roster for each division is limited to only 13 players and 2 goalies. We have ran this model in the past with our coaches and have seen drastic improvement on and off the ice with our athletes. Not only are our players not sitting on the bench viewing the game but their ice touches are enhanced drastically. Our team development is a hybrid model utilizing European technology and coaching tactics to the USA technology and coaching strategies, all of which has pushed past players to the next level within 1 season.

Our Global Development team runs through the spring and summer season, and also through the fall season.