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Michigan Jr. Wolverines

The Michigan Jr. Wolverines Youth Hockey Team is a travel hockey team. The team was developed to provide our players and goalies an all exclusive model within the team environment. Our coaches and staff provide professional instruction and leadership, with the support of health advisors and physical therapist. Our coaches and staff provide valuable development to all players/coaches through their hybrid teaching methods and utilizing exclusive staff within the team. All players and goalies have access to their own team doctor, coaching staff, skills & skating coaches, physical therapists, nutrionists and tutors. Players find accelerated development and compete in domestic matches.

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FALL 2024 -2025

If you are looking to accelerate your players development and take them to the next level in an intensive environment but encouraging setting you’ve found your place at CDP! We have set the bar high for years now with our modular training model, and unique approach to take players to the next level outside all the traditional clubs.  We focus on our kids! Not all the other nonsense.  Our models have moved dozens of players from the US and EU to the next level, so something has been working in our model!

Our coaches are second to none, and your player will be surrounded by former professional players and coaches from around the world. We bring the same Slovakian coaching techniques and coaches that were used to train and develop the top 2 NHL draft picks in 2022. The experience is unmatched when a player can learn from some a hybrid approach.


The Michigan Jr. Wolverines will be competing at the U8, U10, U12 levels this upcoming season and also competing in league play. Our teams will be based in Michigan and consist of 12-13 players and 3 goalies. We are taking the step to create a new environment locally to support and grow our young skaters at a high level, all while enjoying the process! Our focus has been dedicated to the team participants and continues to be.

Our team will competing in 4-5 tournaments throughout the fall season, one being held in California, one in Michigan and 2 in Canada. There will be opportunities to explore other tournaments as well.

Coach Milan Mach will be the lead trainer and coach for this team alongside his local hockey director and staff. Coach Mach is a staple to our program and has accelerated our teams to achievements within only a year. Coach Mach will be holding all practices and dryland training lessons for the first month of the season. All recovery training, physical therapy and yoga will be ran by our other high level coaches.

Our process for development for our levels is to provide the foundation to their development, elevate their skills and talents under professional leadership, provide a fun and positive atmosphere and provide game play. While many coaches emphasis games and tournaments at this age, all players/goalies need to focus on their own development and skill sets. the Jr. Wolverines will be competing in league play and tournaments however our focus is the players development not a win/loss record.


  • 3 on ice sessions a week

  • 1 monthly shooting, skills and agility session

  • 2 drylands session a week

  • Video review and analysis

  • 1 monthly team building program

For All Inquires Or To Register Please Email [email protected]

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